Partners FAQ

While several of the largest protocols on BNB Chain are already members of Unknown, we encourage all protocols with an interest in the CONE ecosystem to carefully consider the benefits of joining the Unknown and Sphere Finance ecosystem.

Why join Unknown as a partner?

For those protocols who have yet to make a firm decision, we believe that our tokenomics and smart contract design makes Unknown the ideal partner for optimizing returns and maximizing voting power from your CONE veNFT.

We believe that by properly incentivizing partners, we can offer the best yields to LPs and CONE lockers, further increasing the benefits of Unknown to partners, LPs, and the BNB Chain ecosystem as a whole.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

List of all benefits of becoming a partner can be found here.

Is my protocol eligible to become a Unknown Partner?

Since Unknown has not launched yet, we are currently evaluating all partner applications on individual basis.

Once Unknown has launched, any unknwnCONE staker contributing significantly to bootstrapping Unknown's CONE lock is eligible to be a partner. If a holder outside of the original early launch protocols accumulates at least as much unknwnCONE as the smallest partner, they will be considered a partner and migrated to the partner emissions structure.

How are Partner Emissions handled?

Partners receive a minimum (floor) percentage of Unknwn emissions above normal unknwnCONE stakers, calculated as:

Floor Partner Unknwn Earned = 2 * (Initial unknwnCONE Staked / Total CONE)
  • For example, if a partner deposits their veNFT that is worth 2% of the total CONE supply, then they will receive 4% of Unknwn emissions.

  • As for other unknwnCONE stakers, partners also have large upside above their floor amount of Unknwn emission:

Unknwn Earned = (Current unCONE Staked / Total CONE)
  • Partners will earn whichever number is greater between the floor and this formula. This incentivizes partners to continue growing their unknwnCONE lock in order to receive a greater share of Unknwn emissions.

  • Unknwn emissions allocated to partners have a maximum total floor of 25% of all Unknwn emissions. Once the combined partner floor reaches 25%, the floor portion of the Unknwn emissions will be distributed using the following formula:

Floor Partner Unknwn Earned = Partner Initial unCONE / Total Partner Initial unknwnCONE * 0.25

When can a partner join?

Unknown partners can join at any time. There is no cutoff or deadline date. Unlike other similar projects with lumpsum allocations, Unknown partners receive a higher floor of Unknwn emissions than normal unknwnCONE stakers, with a maximum combined floor of 25% of Unknwn emissions, but have unlimited upside should they lock more unknwnCONE. This makes potential with Unknown truly limitless.

Are Partners protected against downvoting?

Yes, Unknown supports it's partners no matter what. As a coalition of aligned partners, Unknown will support our partners to whitelist tokens as-needed, and does not anticipate needing to protect partners from down-voting each other. However, should the need arise, we can re-evaluate.

Unknown also offers its partners an exclusive ability to further rent their downvote protection rights to other protocols to generate additional revenue for their respective protocols.

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