Unknown for Launch Partners

Partners earn a corresponding quantity of unCONE when they deposit their veNFT (unknwnCONE is minted 1:1 for deposited CONE). This position is never diluted due to the way CONE's rebase mechanism works, as Unknown automagically converts rebased CONE to unCONE and passes it on to the partner.

Partners have a floor on the amount of Unknwn emissions they earn as a reward for helping to bootstrap the Unknown protocol, which means they will receive much more Unknwn emissions than regular unCONE stakers. Furthermore, all unCONE stakeholders (including partners) have a limitless upside potential on the percentage of Unknwn emissions they can receive by locking more CONE.

Partners should continue to lock their CONE rewards for unCONE and 2) lock their Unknwn for vlUnknwn to protect their share of Unknwn emissions — and hence their governance control and bribe share — as vlUnkwn controls Unknown's vote.

This is a mutually beneficial process: the partner has great benefits and retains voting rights, bribe earnings and also receives protocol fee sharing, while Unknown extends our CONE lock, further increasing voting rights and bribe/fee earnings for partners.

Detailed Benefits

All partners receive:

  • Non-dilutive unCONE (fractionalized representation of Unknown's CONE lock).

  • 10% share of CONE earned by Unknown protocol LPs, as CONE.

  • Protocol-optimized CONE trading fees.

  • Protocol-optimized CONE gauge bribes.

  • Unknwn emissions. Read below for details.

Partner Unknwn emissions:

  • Partners receive a minimum (floor) percentage of Unknwn emissions above normal unknwnCONE stakers.

    • Floor Partner Unknwn Earned = 2 * (unknwnCONE Staked / Total CONE)

    • For example, if a partner deposits their veNFT that is worth 2% of the total CONE supply, then they will receive 4% of Unknwn emissions.

  • Partners also have large upside above their floor amount of Unknwn emission.

    • Unknwn Earned = (Current unknwnCONE Staked / Total CONE)

    • Partners will earn whichever number is greater between the floor and this formula. This incentivizes partners to continue growing their unCONE lock in order to receive a greater share of Unknwn emissions.

  • Unknwn emissions allocated to partners have a maximum total floor of 25% of all Unknwn emissions. Once the combined partner floor reaches 25%, Unknwn partner floor emissions are dictated by the following formula.

    • Unknwn Partner Emissions = Partner Initial unknwnCONE / Total Partner Initial unknwnCONE * 0.25

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